June Meeting – Practical Examples of Language Extensibility

Languages are created to express programs in a specific paradigm, using a related set of idioms and patterns. As the language gets widely adopted, it often becomes necessary to change the language to do things that it was not originally designed to do. Sometimes languages are built with extension mechanisms in place to allow this evolution. Sometimes the team maintaining the compiler must create a new version of the language that is hopefully backward compatible with the previous version of the language.

In this presentation we will talk briefly about language extensibility issues in general, and look at several recent examples of language extensibility in detail. These are:

  1. The async and await keywords in C#
  2. F# computation expressions
  3. F# type providers

If you plan to attend please leave a comment or drop a note on the contact form.

Location: McCormick Conference Center, 2419 Montana Ave (Please use the side entrance).

Date: Thursday June 21st, 5:30pm

Speaker: John Atwood

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