February Meeting – Introduction to Windows 8

This month’s presentation will cover some introductory concepts coming in Window 8 and .net 4.5. Windows 8 was debuted last September at the MSBuild conference, and the consumer preview will be available towards the end of February. Windows 8 represents a major paradigm shift for Windows both in the desktop experience, and in how applications will be created and delivered. At this session we will cover concepts such as:

  • What is a metro app?
  • What is the driving force behind a metro app?  Why would I create a metro app?  Why wouldn’t I create a metro app?
  • What is  WinRT?
  • What is the new await and async keywords coming in .net 4.5.  How do they improve asynchronous programming?
  • Demos of Windows 8 devices

The presenter for this talk will be Larry Miller of Computers Unlimited.  Larry attended the MSBuild conference last September where many of these topics were introduced.

Recommended Audience:

  • .Net developers wanting a sneak peak at what is coming for both Windows 8 and .net 4.5
  • Individuals curious about what Windows 8 is, why it was created, and why you would want it

All examples will be done using Visual Studio 11 and .net 4.5. This is due to this being the only environment that supports Metro development. So if you wish to follow along, you will need to download and install Visual Studio 11 from Microsoft.

If you plan to attend please leave a comment or drop a note on the contact form.

Location: McCormick Conference Center, 2419 Montana Ave (Please use the side entrance).

Date: Thursday February 9th, 5:30pm

Speaker: Larry Miller

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