January Meeting – MSBuild

This month’s presentation highlights Microsoft’s Build Platform known as MSBuild. MSBuild, introduced with Visual Studio 2005, is an XML-Based Scripting Language similar to Apache’s Ant (or its .NET equivalent NAnt) that is used throughout the Visual Studio ecosystem including Team Foundation Server. MSBuild also has support in continuous integration suites such as CruiseControl.NET and limited Mono Support.  Join us as Ace Olszowka (Computers Unlimited) presents an introduction to MSBuild scripting covering the basics of the language, including simple batching and interoperability with the .NET Framework via Custom Task Programming.

Recommended Audience:

  • .NET Developers wanting to understand VS Build System Under the Hood
  • Build Maters/Developers Interested in Scripting their build system.
  • Those looking to learn another Scripting Language that comes as a free rider with most .NET Framework installations.

It is recommended that you bring a laptop to follow along in the fun as we’ll have interactive demos. Requirements include installation of the .NET Framework (preferably 4.0, but I’ll strive to make the examples 2.0 compatible). Visual Studio is recommended because of its excellent XML code completion capabilities, but any text editor that can edit XML files can be used.

If you plan to attend please leave a comment or drop a note on the contact form.

Location: McCormick Conference Center, 2419 Montana Ave (Please use the side entrance).

Date: Thursday January 12th, 5:30pm

Speaker: Ace Olszowka

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