November Meeting – Introduction to Parallel Programming

Parallel Programming is a great way to write programs that scale as processors add more cores. In the past these types of programs were very hard to write, requiring programmers to explicitly manage threads and locks. Microsoft’s Parallel Task Library provides many powerful abstractions that allow you to write your programs at a higher level.

We will examine the fundamentals of Parallel Programming, including the difference between Parallel and Concurrent or Asynchronous Programming, expected speedup from parallelism (Amndahl’s Law), and common parallel patterns and techniques.

Lastly we will look at some real world examples of Parallelism, and discuss tips and ideas for incorporating parallelism in to existing code.

If you plan to attend please leave a comment or drop a note on the contact form.

Location: McCormick Conference Center, 2419 Montana Ave (Please use the side entrance).

Date: Thursday November 10th, 5:30pm

Speaker: John Atwood

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