March Meeting – Windows Workflow

Applying Windows Workflow to Long-running Interactive Processes

The combination of Windows Workflow, WF4, with Window Communication Foundations, WCF4, promises a powerful new model for the interaction of people, applications, and data stores in complex, long-running activities. Workflow services can manage and track the state of complex processes involving multiple agents. They can express workflow structures in process flow diagrams familiar to business users. Windows Workflow can replace program flow logic embedded in programs with editable declarative flow logic, freeing programmers to concentrate on design activities.

This presentation will present the basics to working with these new tools.

We will have pizza and refreshments at the meeting, and have a fresh supply of prizes. If you plan to attend please leave a comment or drop a note on the contact form.

Location (NEW!): College of Education, Room 122, MSU Billings (Map)

Date: Thursday March 17, 5:30pm

Speaker: Tim Bailey

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