May Meeting

INETA Speaker Kathleen Dollard will be presenting. 

Meeting Location Change!! 

Location: 3804 3rd Ave. (Corner of Broadway and 3rd) 

Date: Tuesday May 12

Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Topic: Windows Presentation Foundation for Coders

Let’s face it, you’re not an artist. And besides, your users seem happy enough with their current user interface, so why bother with WPF? You want to learn more about WPF because it offers the best user interface programming platform for client apps. There’s a built in command model, data binding is extremely flexible and asynchronous loading is a single line. This talk explores the meaning behind XAML so you understand what’s actually happening behind your code. You also learn how to cleanly separate layout behavior and appearance. It also empowers beautiful effective next generation applications. You’ll leave this talk with understanding how WPF can benefit you and your business applications, whether or not you have an artist on your team.

About Kathleen:
Kathleen is the Chief Technologist for AppVenture ( where she leads the application generation efforts. She has been a Microsoft MVP for 11 years and is a member of the INETA Speaker’s Bureau. Kathleen has worked extensively with application code generation and is the author of Code Generation in Microsoft .NET (from Apress). She has published numerous articles on a range of .NET technologies and writes the monthly column “Ask Kathleen” in Visual Studio Magazine ( Kathleen is also active in the Northern Colorado .NET SIG, Denver Visual Studio User Group, Northern Colorado Architect’s Group, and IASA Denver.

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