November Meeting Moved

The Meeting originally scheduled for November 11th is being postponed to November 18th.

The meeting will be at the downtown MSU Billings Labs.  

Location:  behind the bookstore on 112 North Broadway.

Time:  5:30 pm  – 7:30 pm (might get done earlier)

Parking:  You can park at one of the parking garages located at 2912 Third Avenue, or 210 N. 27th Street.  You will have to get a ticket to get in but as they close at 6:30 there will be no charge for parking. (as long as you leave after 6:30 pm)

     ADO.Net Entity Framework
     ASP.Net QA (if time permits)

Door Prizes provided by O’Reilly Media Inc

I am still looking for topics to cover and possible presenters if you are willing.

Microsoft will be back in town on November 20th for their MSDN round.

There are also TechNet, TS2, and Microsoft Momentum events occuring on the same day if you want to get your boss out of the office.;advanced=true;sortKey=;sortOrder=;pageEvent=false;startDate=11/6/2008;endDate=2/4/2009;kwdAny=;countryId=US;stateId=1303;languageCode=en;eventType=1;searchcontrol=yes;s=1

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